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    Online Math Tutoring

    Teaching since 2009 - K-6 Certified

    Tired of having to schlep your kid from activity to activity and need a little extra help with getting your kids homework done? Let me save you time and energy with my online virtual elementary math tutoring service!

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    "Great tutoring. Very friendly and my daughter really learned a lot and is enjoying it"


    "Brilliant and extremely friendly tutor. My daughter loves her and she is very thorough and meticulous."


    "Great work Thank you look forward to you working with my kids some more."

    "Shaily not only helps my daughter understand math - but actually get excited about it!"

    "haily has a wonderful way of organizing her teaching methods and lessons. She uses technology in an interactive way using a virtual classroom with a whiteboard and the video cam. It makes learn so fun and my nephew LOVES Shaily. She also played connect four with him when he gets an answer correct!"

    "I love seeing my nephew smile and excited after each tutoring session. It is such a delight!"


    "Shaily, I would like to thank you for your hard-work! You are simply the best you have such a big heart for teaching! My nephew has been inspired by your teachings and he absolutely adores you. He anticipates the next lesson and learning encounter with you. Thank you for sharing your space with us!"

    Motivational Cheerleading

    Various clients since 2015

    Does your boss suck up your soul?
    Are you feeling stuck where you are in life?
    Do you feel worthless?
    Do you need someone to talk to?

    Everyone has a purpose in this world. For you not to fulfill your mission depriving the world of what it needs most.

    I want to know your story. I will ask follow-up questions to see how I can best encourage you.

    I have been an expert motivator in my years as a teacher. I want to pass this gift to those who need it.


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