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    Strikingly brings beautiful mobile websites to everyone.

    I use it to make this and the website that you are on. It was a simple plug and play format. It took me less than an hour to have something ready to go. There were no headaches to navigate to building my website. The customer service is friendly and efficient. I should add, 4 months of full features free with a university ID.

    Second Shift Co-working Space

    The website doesn't do justice for the incredible community the owners have developed

    When I went to the launch night of Second Shift (pictured), I felt like I belonged. It was rare for me to meet other professionals who I felt got my style of entrepreneurship. The people are ambitious and hardworking yet know how to live a little and make new friends. I have always felt welcomed there despite not being an official member.

    One of the owners of this space also runs Deskpass that allows you to have a subscription through them to various coworking spaces in Chicago and in other key cities. For example, you could be in 20 different spaces in the course of one month depending on what area you want to work out of that day.

    Free co-working space with kick-butt free classes

    This place changed my life! I met some of the greatest people here. They have teachers offering free classes 4-5 days a week totally free in the areas of personal development and entrepreneurship. They also have epic free financial coaching which is how I actually have kick butt credit now! YAY ME! I met Jonathan Pritchard there many years ago and he was the one who introduced me to the Chicago Magic Lounge! It's also a really safe place to meet new people. People come to learn a variety of things from a variety of backgrounds. I have gained a wealth of education as a result. Thanks, parent company State Farm!

    Work with a group like something along the lines of ChiTribe? Use their space to have your meetings. Their conference rooms are totally free. Just make sure to reserve ahead of time. Another option is checking to see if their coaching cubes are open. We have had quite a few meetings there and love it!

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