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    Live Stream your Wedding/event

    Let your friends all over the world join in your big day!

    As someone with lots of friends and family overseas, it melted my heart to see a friends wedding ceremony halfway around the world be broadcasted live on Periscope. My friend Dash knew exactly the value that a live-streamed wedding could bring to the guests that could not make it. So she asked her Periscope obsessed friend, me, to Facebook Live her wedding. The video went viral in our local community.



    *Hype your facebook friends with preview live streams before the big day so they know to stay tuned aka "FB Takeover!"

    *Tagging all the key people in the live stream

    *Helping your loved ones share the post as soon as we are live

    *Engaging with your friends and family as the wedding is happening

    *Creating a wedding video that you can watch immediately after

    *Memories to last a lifetime... or however long Facebook algorithms will let it.

    For Events:
    *Show your future attendees what they will expect

    *Followers will be notified when your FB page starts a live video

    *Though there is no replacement for having professional videographers record and edit your footage, live streams are ready for use shortly after they are produced.


    Check out what Brissa Del Mar had to say after making a live stream of her event Women2Women

    "I was so impressed & blown away after I saw our first Women2Women FB live of our launching event at evolveHer and didn't need to tell Shaily what to say or do. I merely said that the outcome was in telling the story. She did it beautifully by just being present & in the flow during the event & anticipating any moment.

    I recommend her social media skills to anyone who's looking being on edge at their live events! Plus she's so much fun to work with!" (4/25/18)

    Social Media at events & conferences

    Live Tweeting since 2014

    *Your events are your chance to collect social media posts for months to come. Why not capitalize on the opportunity?

    *Engage with your guests online and see how they interact with your event using one event hashtag.

    *Let me gather selfies and stories from your guests throughout the night and provide you with a collection of inspiration after your event.


    Check out my live Tweets:

    The Creating Change Conference: 2015 2016 2017 2018

    Cusp 2015

    TEDxChicago 2017

    TEDxNaperville 2017

    Friending Our Foes - Communications/Conflict Resolution Workshop

    Causing debates since 2011

    I get your community debating its more pressing and controversial topics. Yet instead of leaving people fuming at one another, I help facilitate and educate on how to best communicate with one another.

    Magic Show

    Let me bring the magic to your kids birthday parties

    I have been a hospital magician since the fall of 2016 with Open Heart Magic. Let me bring some of that magic to your family on your special occasion. Let me share the stories of the kiddos who cannot be at these celebrations to inspire your kids to appreciate what they have all while they laugh and smile with me.

    Special offer*: Free 20 min show to the first eligible group that claims they saw this on my website.


    *The only catch is that we have to agree to terms and that I am able to record the show and the feedback that comes.

    Motivational Cheerleading

    Various clients since 2015

    Does your boss suck up your soul?
    Are you feeling stuck where you are in life?
    Do you feel worthless?
    Do you need someone to talk to?

    Everyone has a purpose in this world. For you not to fulfill your mission depriving the world of what it needs most.

    I want to know your story. I will ask follow-up questions to see how I can best encourage you.

    I have been an expert motivator in my years as a teacher. I want to pass this gift to those who need it.


    Call me.

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