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    If you know me, you know how much I can talk... and listen. Let's harness that power for your benefit.


    I love to teach college students and adults about the fanciest, easiest, most comfortable way to connect with people.


    Been there, done that. I have shared my stories of how being teased lead me to fighting for the life I have now.


    How I chose to find happy and how I have to train myself to believe it every day. Here is an Instagram video I made about it.

    Q&A on LD

    My learning disability was not only embarrassing but debilitating growing up. This talk is how I figured out how to deal.

    I help an audience harness the collective insights of the community they are with. We share trips and tricks with each other.

    How to make people smile

    It's the thing I do when I meet new people. I make them feel cared about and appreciated. You can too! 

    Online Safety for kids

    As someone who made online friends at 14, I know a thing or two about teaching kids to be safe online.

    Education Technology

    The minute I was handed an iPad as a first year teacher is when I finally could breathe. Let me help your school integrate without being oversold on fancy equipment.  

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