• Hello, I'm Shaily (shy-lee)

    Strategically opinionated Chicagoan on a mission to make people smile.

  • Emcee / Speaker

    For more on my past speaking experiences look at my LinkedIn or at FriendingOurFoes.com or on my website

    Social Media

    I contract with mostly Jewish nonprofits helping them manage their online audiences with curated content and engagement.

    Reality Competition Show Enthusiast

    Ask me how I feel about Survivor or Big Brother...


    I love to get people to debate controversial topics with my workshop Friending Our Foes

    Event Host

    I host dinner parties with Shabbat One Table, hosted my own comedy festival, and launched a beta test of my own crossbreed event of entertainment and networking (pictured here).

    Live Streamer

    Periscope, Facebook Live, and wekiki.party


    I tutor math, teach Jewish education and communication.


    Open Heart Magic hospital magician and member of the Chicago Magic Lounge

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