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Chicago Life Hacks

This is my ongoing blog about life hacks I have picked up along the way

Free parking:

  1. It is much more doable in Chicago then it is in NYC! 
  2. If you are unsure if the area you are going has free parking, call a local business near where you are going and ask their staff what free parking is available. The person you are talking to likely knows the area really well. 
  3. Lets say you discover the best secret free spots and you don't want to forget it, put it in as a pin marked free parking in your GPS app/Google maps. Next time I go to the area, I know exactly where to start looking. 
  4. Look near Cabrini Green! There is tons of free parking there and in close proximity to the city. You can even grab a Divvy bike from there and go downtown. 
Deep-dish Pizza:
  1. Lou Malnati's - go there! 
  2. Go during off-peak hours because everyone else also knows that they are the secret to a real good Chicago style pizza. 
  3. Beware of getting filled up on appetizers because the pizza takes a long time to cook. 
  4. Wait it out, it's worth it! 
  5. If someone says Pizano's, Gino's, Uno's, or Duo's, they are wrong
  6. If someone says an obscure pizza place to try, go for it. That sounds like a fun adventure! 
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