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Why Eventbrite Called me a "Power User"

So I go to a lot of events... don't judge me!

I love events. If you know me and you know anything about me it’s that I love going to events. Some weeks you will find me at an event every Monday-Thursday and they can range from business related to magician related.

To my astonishment, I get a personal email from the Eventbrite staff. I was like omg! WOA! Real people are behind this platform that I use to connect with my events. How awesome! He asked for my time via a phone call where he says he will ask me what I think of their new subscription model idea.

On the call, he asked me roughly how many events do I go to a year. I casually said as I did above, around 4 a week. So he casually does the math, which as a math person this never dawned on me, 4x52 is around 200. So he says “so around 200 a year?” and I reply “omgosh no, that sounds nuts, put down 100!” And like the idiot I was, I still came off absolutely nuts to the Eventbrite guy.

I don’t know what the exact number is but 100 is still pretty ridiculous. I know there have been days where I went to two events in the morning and double dipped on two events at night. It’s all very possible. Just looking at past tickets on their website, I found 120+ registrations.

So what is the lesson here? Shaily is the person you need to call when you hear about an awesome cool event. Or better yet, Shaily is the person to call when you want to learn more about events happening in town. Better yet, don’t call me. Look at my events list on my website that highlights my favorite events. Again, I have gone to 100’s of events and I have sat through some amazing ones. But also some really shitty ones. My list is the best of the best from there. I also included my own descriptions of the events. Feel free to email me with questions. Not every event is for every person. Buck heck, doesn’t hurt to try because “darling, it wouldn’t be a party without you!”

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