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Social Media Teacher

Combining motivation, teaching skills, and social media knowledge to help small business owners get moving.

How I combine 3 skills I love into one kick-butt Service

I have always said that the best "things" are when people combine their obscure knowledge of multiple interest into one. In my case, it came when pitching my social media management services to a group of small business owners. As you can see from my website, I am excited about a lot of different things. So when one of these small business owners called me asking if she could hire me to sit down with her and share my social media knowledge, it hit me like a light bulb. This is the service I need to offer.

See, my background is actually in education. I got a teaching degree from Indiana University and an Indiana teachers license for kindergarten through 6th grade. I knew I loved working with kids but knew I did not want to do it full time teaching in a traditional classroom. That manifested into leading workshops and virtually tutoring kids in math.

So how did this all connect? I took the best parts of teaching and the best parts of what I have learned running social media to create one kick-butt service. I wrote a lesson plan for my sessions. My client was delightfully surprised I even brought one. I don't even think 95 percent of business owners could even identify what is included in a lesson plan. That was a huge amount of value to her. Another client felt the same way. They just did not expect it.

How do I add the cherry on top? I also pride myself on being an expert motivator. I am the person that pushes my kiddos to try and try again when they struggle in something. I am the person that believes in them even when they don't believe in themselves. I am the one that helps the shy weird kid find a way to communicate better with his classmates. I love doing that. It was my favorite part of teaching. So what did I do? I started selling my motivational cheer-leading sessions online. I had a bunch of customers for it. I didn't know if I wanted to make that into my whole job. I liked it. But did I want that to be my whole business? Not sure.

When I combined this motivator skill with both my tutoring students and my social media students, it all clicked. It's easy to feel like someone is behind with the times on their social media. It's easy to feel overwhelmed with all the buttons and features behind a Facebook page. It's okay to want to learn slowly. I am the person that is here to help take away that worry for my clients. I am the one that will help build up their confidence and hold them accountable for the goals they want to achieve. I am here to keep them motivated to keep posting on social media regularly.

This is who I am. I want to help people make connections on the internet just like I started doing as just a teenager. I want them to see the joys of meeting the coolest people through the web that they could have never imagined meeting. And maybe... just maybe... it will change their lives too.

Want me as your social media teacher?

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