• Skilltrade with Shaily

    Back in the day, there was no currency. You had to trade what you had.
    These are some things I would love your help with in exchange for my time, resources, skills, or connections.


    *All transactions will have a formal contract that I expect both parties to stick with. If not, I will send you a bill for my services *wink*.


    **If I have done something awesome for you out of the kindness of my own heart and you want to give back to me financially, thanks! You can do so on my Patreon page. I am not sure what to do with it yet. Thanks for your support.

    Help Shaily with her taxes

    Edit my website writing

    Help me organize my space

    Organizing my stuff has always been a challenge for me. I would love it if we could tag team to help me organize my place

    Connect me with someone amazing

    Maybe this is a business lead, a mentor, a speaking opportunity, a resource, and you name it. Connect me with someone awesome, I am happy to help you with something back.

    Help me understand health insurance better

    Teach me your ways of being a kick butt standup comic.

    I would love to trade some skills with a comedian. I have offered folks a trade of my social media training services in exchange for 1-1 stand up coaching.

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