• My favorites in Live Entertainment

    This is where you bring your out of town guests

    5050 North Clark. St in Andersonville - Shows daily

    "Converted from a 1940's era commercial laundry building, the Chicago Magic Lounge is a 7,200 square-foot, Deco-style, state-of-the-art theater and lounge complete with secret doors, elegant performance areas and speakeasy magic bar – all dedicated to the art of sleight of hand, prestidigitation and Chicago's contribution to the magical arts. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that we cannot wait for you to see."

    I am a magic member here and I can say that it is one of most incredible communities and venues that I can say truly feels like home.


    CIC Theater - 1422 W Irving Park Road - Weekly Friday 10:30pm

    "You’ve seen the flashy suits and jewelry so bright that a blind man can see it shining. Now ask yourself “who is more entertaining than a pimp?” Pimprov revolves around four pimps who took improv classes...on accident. The group's lack of political correctness and outrageous costumes are only part of the reason they're growing in popularity. The other reason is they're really funny."


    I can guarantee your face will hurt from laughing so hard.

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