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    Did you check them out after seeing this pay? Let me know. I would love to hear what you think.

    Try Living with Lucie

    Lucie Fink tries different experiments for 5 days and records her adventures for fans to see

    At Refinery29, she created and hosts the hit YouTube series "Try Living with Lucie" (TLWL) where she takes on social experiments 5 days at a time, documenting her experience vlog style. The series won 2 bronze Telly Awards in 2017 (Best Lifestyle Content & Best Webseries) and was nominated for a Webby Award in 2018 (Best Personality / Host). In addition to TLWL, Lucie has created a plethora of other video formats for Refinery29 that she hosts and produces: "Lucie for Hire" (where she tries out other people's jobs for a day), original pieces for Snapchat Discover, Facebook Live and more. Her content has been syndicated across various platforms including Comcast, Delta's In-Flight Entertainment, & Gloss TV.

    The Try Guys

    4 goofballs try new things and it's hilarious

    These guys got their start producing for BUZZFEED and took their own route. The videos are relevant and down to earth.


    They do some drag, they try to eat the entire menu of both Taco Bell and Mcdonalds (which totally gave me the appetite to eat there again, eek), taking care of babies, testing out drunk driving, and more. If you are anything like me, you will fall in love with these guys.

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